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The Following Items Describe the Steps That You Should Take in Successfully Self Publishing a Book That Sells!!

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Selecting A Market  (1)
Before you begin to write a book, you must decide WHY you want to write...MORE
Selecting A Subject (2)
 Depending on whether your book is fictional, historical or a “how to” book.. MORE
Writing Your Book (3)
Writing your book is beyond the expertise that we have accumulated at this time, I recognize good writing... MORE
Compare To Other Publishers (4)
Before deciding on a company to assist you in self publishing your book, here is some helpful information. MORE
We-Publish Package Includes(5)
5 FREE copies, professionally designed, custom cover, corrections package, inside graphics, listing on Amazon.com Kindle... MORE
What Do You Have To Do? (6)
Need computer with internet connection, finished, edited, proofread and corrected manuscript in MS Word, a brief bio of yourself, ... MORE

YES!!!  To Successfully Self Publish a Book That Sells, You Must Begin publicizing and marketing your book at the same time it goes to the publisher. We show you FREE & paid methods of doing both...

Submit Your Manuscript (8)
This is where you can read and print the publishing agreement, enter all the information about your book, upload your manuscript ... MORE
The Publishing Sequence (9)
This page shows what happens and how long it should take to get from submission of your manuscript to having your book for sale... MORE

Publishing Fees & Book Pricing (10)
This is where you can find the fees for publishing your book and the Recommended Retail Pricing for your books.... MORE

Marketing & Publicizing Your Book (11)
This is where  you "GET SERIOUS ABOUT MARKETING AND PUBLICIZING" your book. We show you FREE & paid methods of doing both... MORE

If you follow the steps in this Path to Successfully Self Publishing Your Book, you will become a successful and profitable Self Published Author...
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*Publishing and Delivery dates are highly dependent upon the degree of completeness, (spelling, grammar and other errors in text, author bio and sales description provided) and the author's responsiveness in completing reviews and corrections of proofs provided.


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